What is a Pakistani?

[pak-uh-stan-ee, pah-kuh-stah-nee]

What the dictionary says:

a native or inhabitant of Pakistan. of, pertaining to, or characteristic
of Pakistan or its inhabitants.

What urban dictionary says:

A bunch of brown people who are obsessed with funding terrorists to destroy USA, India, Europe and every other non-muslim country possible.The truth is pakistanis are just a bunch of low-caste hindus who immediately converted to islam because they were weak minded and had no education or strength.God give strength to the Indians to civilize the pakis.. 

Why is the pakistani air force so easy to train?
You only have to teach them how to take off!What do you call a guy who slaves for Indian people?
A: Pakistani!


Am I the only one who thinks there’s something wrong with that picture? Alright. Let’s try the mother of all search engines. What does Google say? I image-searched the word ‘pakistani’ on Google, and what do I see?

1. a semi-clothed woman with dark brown skin, posing in front of her laptop
2. a picture of impoverished young boys, they’re ribs jutting out.
3. two over-makeup’ed models, one male and one female, styling a pink sari and a grey sherwani, urging you to shop online.
My fellow Pakistanis! What is wrong? A simple search on the world’s biggest search engine and what do we get? A website that urges us to ‘Watch, Upload, Rate, and Download the photos of Hot, sexy, Pakistani women‘ (I quoted directly), not to mention various sites talking of the ‘terrorism’, ‘violence’ and security threats in our country.
Now we’ve got another disaster on our hands. Dr. Muhammad Iqbal’s article Pakistan’s Minority Cleansing Campaign Continues says it all. As if the world’s media isn’t breathing down our throats enough, a Minority Minister has been killed, and that too in the name of religion. Pakistan was made under the battle-cry that minorities need to be protected and respected, given equal opportunity. Mr. Jinnah, the father of our nation, was above all, a defender of minorities. And now, 62 years after Jinnah passed away, the only Christian member of the Cabinet has been shot dead.
Islam teaches tolerance of all religions. Islam teaches tolerance of other ways of life. Islam teaches tolerance! These ‘Punjabi Taliban‘ as they call themselves, what have they shown the world? That Pakistanis are prone to violence and that democracy is just a joke here.
The New Statesman says:
Bhatti advocated reform of the controversial laws, which can carry the death sentence for anyone who criticises Islam or the Prophet Muhammad. Because they do not require much concrete evidence, they are frequently abused to persecute minorities and settle personal scores.
Everyone knows Pakistan’s government isn’t exactly corruption-free. It is very possible that these laws are not justly used. Instead of killing the man, couldn’t we have tried to make sure that a compromise was reached? Maybe close some of the loopholes in the system?
What would Jinnah say?