Blast from the Past – #dearyoungself

This is an email I wrote my dad back in 2004, complete with typos and all. Sometimes looking back at things you’ve written shows you how your mind works, how you and the world around you has changed, and it really sets everything in perspective.


assalamoalaikum babajan!

i am going to tell you all about my virginia trip. first amijan and i went to school in the morning. that day was thursday and we had early dismissal. we were supposed to leave school at 12:00 pm, noon time. the entire staff of iman academy sw had a meeting with the new principal, br khalid kebatti. by the time we got out it was almost 3:00 so we rushed home zoom zoom zoom and when we got home bhai was not packed. so we rushed around all hoity patoity and helped bhaya jan get packed then bhais friend helped us load the car and we zoom zoom zoomed towards the airport. when we got to the airport we had 20 minutes left till our flight went bye bye and the lady said we cud not make it so we waited for the next flight. that was about 1 hr later. we got into the flight (continental) and watched catwoman on the way to washington dc. when we got there uncle picked us up and drove us to their house in virginia where i met auntie and curat baji. then we went to sleep after eating.
one day we wnet and saw the pentagon, white house, jefferson memorial, and lincoln memorial. one day we saw the smitsonial museum and we saw cool gems such as the tiara and necklace napolean gave to cleopatra and the earrings that marie antoinette wore. and we saw real, stuffed animal skins like hippos and cheetas and leopards and deer, even a lion. we saw snake  skeletons and little itty bitty turtle skeletons, giant centipeded and tortoise skeletons and sleeping cockroaches. flying honeybees and much much more. we saw the hope diamond and i videotaped it. we saw several other historically important jewels, jems, gems and diamonds of all sorts.
then we went to the space museum except we lost bhai and i took us like 40 minutes to get all back together and in the space museum we saw models of airplane carrier ships and real life large old airplanes hanging from th ceiling. i read all about the history of airplanes and al about the wright brothers and their other brothers and their mom and sister and dad.
one day we went browsing at the mall in dc and we stopped everywhere from abercrombie and fitch to macys. ami liked this coat from macys that was $680.00 minus 70% and i liked these jeans from a&f that were 90.00$$ with 45% off. we didnt buy either. i bought some bracelets and ring from claires and had a haagen dahz dulce de leche shake. amijan had pralines and cream ice cream and uncle who had driven us to the mall had some low sugar strawberry ice cream. then it hit us that we cud have eaten at au bon pain but oh well. so we were browsing and then we went home. we ate slept, baji and i watched an indian movie, woke up in the morning ate and went to luray caverns.
luray caverns was awesome. we saw stalactites and stalagmites. and we saw underground pools of water and stone formations shaped like ET, Buddha and totem poles, towels, draperies, glowstones, and ghosts. we saw an organ that plays by hitting the stones and and formations. instead of having pipes it hits stalactites and stalagmites. the caverns have hosted more than 400 weddings and several shows including Good Morning America. if water is dripping off a stalactite and it falls on you that means u will have good luck for one year. i dont believe in that but it did happen to me
then we went to a car museum. it had carriages and cars from like 1860. we saw ancient fords and bugattis and rolls royces. we saw cadillac carriages and automobiles and this very nice  mercedes car that was $550 at that time which was a lot. it was very cool. then we stopped at the  fudge shop and bought delicious slices of fudge.
one day bhai and baji and i went to blockbuster and we rented 3 movies: the stepford wives, collateral, and a cinderella story. we had movie marathon noght. first we watched the stepford wives then we watced a cinderella story then we watched collateral. i fell asleep after the first  15 minutes of collateral because by then it was like 4 am and i was very sleepy.
i had lots of fun in virginia it was awesome!