Khalbali was an event organized by the MBA 2011 class at NUST Business School tonight. I believe it was their semester project, and we could tell they had spent weeks organizing, preparing and planning. Every promotional poster and wall-hanging was so creatively detailed. I thought they were beautiful.

I took some pictures to share with you all 🙂 Click on the gallery below!

The event started out slower than a snail. Everyone expected it to start at 2 pm, but the fun didn’t really begin until 5 or 6 pm. The tickets said 2-8 pm, but they weren’t letting anyone into the enclosure when I got there at 3 pm, and it was really empty and boring since the only thing to entertain us were the stalls. None of us were in the mood to fork out money for food (tikkas, pulao and fries were all available), or have Jia take our money (teen aspiring photographer had her own booth), or play casino-style try-your-luck games (three girls dressed Swat-style screaming endearments at you from behind their make-shift Lucky Sevens board) when we had just bought the tickets a few hours ago.

It was only when the MBA students actually called us into the nicely decorated red tent, with glowy lights hanging all around, and (finally!) some music, that we started mingling and having fun. There were performances: a play called Rotten Eggs (sadly, I couldn’t get any pictures), and I thought the Father character did a STUNNING job. Not only did he push through in the face of unexpected surprises, but also played two characters, equipped with two different accents! Example: He was pretending to be a pot-bellied man, and his belly (a white shalwar stuffed into his coat), actually fell out on stage! He took it in stride, and without missing a beat, said (fully in-character, mind you) Challo, wazan to halka hua thora sa. Translation: Oh well, at least I lost some weight.

There was a question-answer session, with prizes, and I won a Swiss Roll Euro Cake! They called me on stage and handed it to me. Also, there was a dance mix. Funny fact: One of the guys dancing was the same one who sold us fries about 20 mins ago!

All in all, though it started off pretty dreadfully, it ended with all of us having a great time. Good job, MBA 2K11.