Taking Murree by Snowstorm!

15 minutes after I finish my last final exam. I’m running purely on a double-dose of no-sugar, no-milk, extra-strong Tapal Danedar, and 3 hours of sleep. I’ve just managed to turn in my final paper, and I’m now furiously scribbling on a piece of chart paper, trying to make a semi presentable birthday card for my friend before she comes out of the exam hall, and I get a call from my parents – we’re heading to Murree in 2 hours. Pack accordingly. Aaah!

We sneak in the cake and forget the candles, but have a wonderful time anyway, and then I run to my room and start throwing things in my travel bag – what do I need? Which sweaters? Which shoes? WHERE ARE MY SOCKS?

After piling everything into the car, and revving the engine to get out of a snow bog, we finally get to Murree – cloaked in a beautiful layer of the whitest snow. We’re staying at a government-owned rest house, and there’s a quaint little cobble stone path way, leading up to the rooms. It’s been cleared of now so we can walk through. There’s a snowman in the field, and a bench buried so deep you can barely see the top. It was beautiful, and very cold!

We fired up the indoor heater, and huddled in front, sipping hot tea and enjoying the wide-window view of the snow-covered hills. We were in for a surprise. The heater warmed up the room so well that the snow on the roof melted and started to leak in through the wooden ceiling! What started as a simple drip drip turned into four or five flowing streams! We had to move the beds around, to where it wasn’t ‘raining’ and put little bowls helter-skelter all over the room, to collect the water.