Pakistan Matters. YOU Matter.

The Techure Foundation is a UK-based non-profit charity organization.

“Techure Foundation Limited is the proud pioneer of non-politically aligned youth activism which initiated its causes in the UK and to other parts of the world to help eradicate poverty, health issues and promote Education particularly in the third world countries.

The organization particularly responds to conditions and emergency situations that required immediate attentions such as in times of Earthquake, Floods etc.”

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IMPossible is a Pakistan-based corporation providing profession training services.

“Team IMPossible is a kaleidoscopic collage of trainers, professionals, entertainers and subject experts who work together to devise training solutions tailored to address the specific needs of our clients. Our strength lies in delivering knowledge-intensive trainings without indulging in pedantic details.”

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Now, see the two come together. The Techure Foundation has chosen Team IMPossible to lead its relief and aid efforts here in Pakistan.

Devastating floods have destroyed 1/3rd of the country and millions of acres of fertile land. Millions have been displaced; even more have suffered serious injury. Up to two-and-a-half million people have been affected by Pakistan’s worst floods in 80 years, the International Red Cross has said.


1 idea, 1 person. All you need is determination. Techure Foundation.
Come up with an idea. How can you help the flood victims? How can you ensure that supplies reach them? How can you alleviate their need?

Rs. 200,000 – Funding that TF is willing to provide.

You’ll have the resources. All you have to do is make a

Work with IMPossible today. Before it’s too late.