Who the hell is #QandeelBaloch?

Was. Because she’s dead now. Murdered, now. Because you killed her.

Can I go so far as to say we killed her? It’s a bit risky. I’ve got a family that loves me, and God knows it’s only too easy to get killed in this country. Wink, wink.

Oh Lord, I’m disgusting. Did I just use a dead woman to make a joke? Sorry if it hurt your feelings – I saw it on TV so I thought it was okay.

So who was she? Some sort of ridiculous self-made celebrity, right? Said and did things that shocked the rest of us – the religious because it was disrespectful and blasphemous, the liberals because it was stupid and paindu. And she made herself famous by selling her body? Something like that, right? Damn, can’t believe I hadn’t heard of her. I was probably too busy watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians, wearing nude lip gloss, and praising Kim for “bringing back curvy women”. Or wait, maybe I was online buying my Kylie Lip Kit dupes. Whatever, clearly I was busier with more important things than stupid, Pakistani celebrities.

Let me tell you who she was. She was a woman. She was a human being. She was a soul with a body and a right to individual choice and self expression.

Let me tell you who she was. She was a woman. She was a daughter, and a friend, and a wife. Oh wait, you already know that, right? You were making jokes about it when the newspapers ran the stories – I’m sure some of them were really funny.

Let me tell you who she was. She was a woman. She was a mother. She was the sister of the man who murdered her.

So now you know who she was. Let me tell you why that’s not important.

Because she was a human.

Because she was a woman.

Because she was a joke, so I mean, we all saw it coming. She was going to end up dead anyway.

This post was written because my heart aches for every woman who does not feel safe, my heart aches for my country and my people. I feel hopeless, and insecure, and I woke up this morning with the heavy, dull feeling of failure. We have failed. I want to believe we can make our world better, can make our countries and our people better, that we can make ourselves better. Thank you for reading this.